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Highland Park ISD COVID Cases

This page provides timely and transparent lab-confirmed COVID-19 case information related to the HPISD community. The numbers represent cumulative data reported to the district since Aug. 20, 2020, and involve Highland Park ISD students and staff members. Totals reflect those participating in on-campus activities and in-person learning. Numbers do not include remote learners who are not participating in extra-curricular activities.

Positive test results indicate that an individual is not permitted to participate in any in-person or on-campus events and activities until they have completed the isolation period (10 days) and met the established Requirements for Re-Entry guidelines set by state and local health authorities. Additionally, any individuals who have been determined to be in “close contact,” as defined by local health authorities, must also adhere to isolation requirements and meet the re-entry guidelines before returning to campus or attending any on-campus events and activities.

Cases will be communicated via email directly to staff members and parents at each affected campus. Numbers will also be posted to the below table when HPISD is notified of lab-confirmed cases. Highland Park ISD reports all positive cases to the Dallas County Health & Human Services Department and relies on their guidance and recommendations regarding self-isolation and quarantine requirements for anyone they deem as “close contacts.”

The table was last updated on May 5 to provide the most current summary data for HPISD. The District makes every effort to update the data by 5 p.m. each day, Monday - Friday.


Campus * Staff Students
Cleared to Return
Staff Cases
Cleared to Return
Student Cases
Armstrong 0 0 17 19
Boone 0 0 6 17
Bradfield 0 0 6 16
Hyer 0 0 6 19
University Park 0 0 12 16
McCulloch 0 0 17 37
HPMS 0 0 13 42
HPHS 0 0 24 207
Administration 0 0 11 0


* Reported numbers include individuals assigned to the campus.
** Staff member assigned to both MIS and HPMS

Cleared to Return means an individual has met all established re-entry requirements set by state and local health authorities and has not attended in-person instruction for the recommended period. The number of recommended days can vary for different cases. When re-entry requirements are met and verified by district administrators and campus nursing staff, an individual may return to in-person instruction and is eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

Review Re-entry Requirements here.