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Grant Halliburton Foundation Q&A

Q: What is the story behind Grant Halliburton Foundation?
A: The Grant Halliburton Foundation is a really special organization that was created in 2005 after Vanita and Allen Halliburton lost their son Grant at age 19 to mental illness and suicide. Since then, his parents have dedicated themselves to this foundation which serves to provide mental health education and suicide prevention education to multiple members of the community in a lot of different ways.
Q: What resources are available and who in the community has access to these resources?
A: They provide education, training, and support to more than 35,000 students, parents, and professionals per year.
Q: What are some specific resources that Grant Halliburton offers?
A: They have an annual conference called When Life Hands You Teenagers, which is a great conference for professionals to learn more detailed information, treatment approaches, and to get more comfortable with diagnosing and treating mental illness. This is how our office got involved! We have been sending people to this conference every year since it has started and it has been a great resource for our own mental health professionals. Most recently, the Grant Halliburton Foundation has received grant funding for a navigation line called Here For Texas.
Q: What is Here For Texas?
A: It is a resource that provides a comprehensive database of North Texas mental health providers, treatment centers, and other resources. You can search by provider, mental health issue, age, and language. There is a phone number that anyone can call that is operated Monday-Friday 12PM-6PM for specific advice and help with the "what to do next" question.
Q: What can we expect upon calling this navigation line?
A: The navigation line is for parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, community members, and mental health professionals. Anybody can call to say: "Here's the story, what do I do?" Are you looking for a therapist? Looking for a treatment center? Somewhere that is in-network with insurance? Someone that does sliding scale? There are trained volunteers who take the information for the case and give immediate support. Then, they will turn over the questions to an experienced caseworker who can help navigate the family towards very specific resources and professional help.