Parent Education Committee

The purpose of the Parent Education Committee is to provide speakers, educational programs and resources to HPISD families concerning topics relevant to raising our children to become healthy and responsible young adults.

Upcoming Events

  Embracing the Middle School Years

12-1:30 p.m., Monday Feb. 23, 2015

Highland Park Middle School Auditorium

Join us for an engaging discussion with Andy Kerckhoff, author of Critical Connection and the blog Growing Up Well. Andy is a middle school teacher, coach, parent and a Baylor graduate. Early adolescents are trying desperately to understand themselves, their world, and where they can fit in successfully and happily. It is a time of great turmoil for some, while for others it is a time of great excitement and wonder. For most, it is both an exciting adventure entering a larger world and a terribly anxious time of uncertainty. Middle school is a time of tremendous change, and parenting early adolescents is often the most daunting challenge families will face. No matter how hard it gets, do not disengage. Do something—anything—to connect with and guide your child today. Parenting is an adventure of the greatest significance. It is your legacy.

First, Middle, Last: How birth order plays out in a family and challenges your parenting style

9:30 a.m., Wednesday, March 25, 2015
McCulloch Intermediate School 5/6 Assembly Room

Dr. Kelly Jameson will help identify important patterns of birth order and how you can improve your parenting skills and help each child achieve success at home, school and with peers. In addition to first borns, middle borns and last borns, special segments will also include discussions of only children, sibling conflict and what combination of children is the most difficult.  Knowing the benefits and challenges of each birth order can give parents insight on why their children act so differently when then they are all being raised under the same roof!  This social science carries more weight than we give it credit for within our homes!

Kelly Jameson, PhD, maintains a private practice in Dallas where she works with pre-teens, adolescents, parents and young adults. She also serves as the Upper School Counselor at Parish Episcopal School where she works with 400 adolescents and their parents on any social or emotional issue that a teen might face! She regularly speaks to parent groups about topics such as stress, the adolescent brain, raising girls, raising boys, and resilience.  More information can be found at