HPISD's Pierce Planetarium

Pierce Planetarium

Planetarium Location
Longitude 32° North
Latitude 96° West

The facility located in the high school is used for not only astronomy related subjects but for the whole spectrum of teaching - from creative writing and poetry to weather to customs many of us observe during the holiday season and/or to a specific objective.

Schedule your class time in the planetarium when your students are studying objectives that can be presented in this environment. The planetarium time is not considered a field trip but an extension of the classroom, and I hope you will use the facility throughout both semesters.

The planetarium houses a 30’ dome with a Spitz SCIdome planetarium projector powered by Starry Night educational software – a space-science learning lab allowing a fulldome astronomy lab for creative inquire-based learning. With seating for 63 and 20 stacking chairs this planetarium helps students to better understand our place in space, and how it relates to the larger Universe.   Planetarium presentations are invaluable for providing observational opportunities and the facility is available for after school activities.

Coming to the planetarium can be facilitated in the following way:

  • Request planetarium visit via the school’s email to Donna Pierce at pierced@hpisd.org.
Transportation to and from the planetarium is arranged at each campus according to the bus scheduling. Parents are encouraged to attend presentations at any time.

As my schedule permits classroom visitations are available throughout the year. I look forward to working with you and your students.

Donna C. Pierce, Planetarium Director

Email:  pierced@hpisd.org
Phone:  214 780-3858


Pierce Planetarium
4220 Emerson
Dallas TX, 75205