Bridging: Moving from Grade to Grade and Campus to Campus

Adjustments to new classrooms, teachers and campuses are frequently especially difficult for children with special needs or learning differences. To help ensure the smooth transition of those students in HPISD, Bridging processes take place each spring and fall semester as follows:
  1. The planning process for the next year starts in the spring semester
    • ARD committee teams include relevant staff members from sending and receiving schools
    • Campus visits by receiving campus staff members are conducted if it is determined that student observations are needed to facilitate the bridging process
  1. The Bridging process is collaborative and includes parents, teachers, administrators and other relevant campus / district staff members
    • Information collected from a variety of sources is used in order to make decisions about student needs for the upcoming year
    • Decisions are made regarding the bridging activities that will assist with most student needs
      • Open House, campus tour, scheduled walk-through of student’s classes for the upcoming year, etc.
    • Decisions are made on an individual basis if a student needs additional types of Bridging activities in addition to the general activities
  1. Appropriate general bridging activities occur before school starts in the fall and during the first few weeks of school. Additionally, the specific activities for individual students are provided. Some types of Bridging activities include:
    • Inform campus staff of students’ needs including recommended individualized accommodations, etc.
    • Provide needed staff training and/or information related to the needs of groups of students or individual students
  1. Some ideas for parents to help with the transition to a new grade and / or new campus include:
    • Create a summary containing specific information about the student. Some examples are:
    •  Bring copies of the summary sheet to Meet the Teacher and other bridging events and provide them to your child’s new service providers
    • Find out who the primary special education and general education contact people will be for your child
    • Attend and bring your child to the general bridging activities
    • If your child’s IEP includes specific bridging activities, ask how and when those activities will be conducted