Mission: The Highland Park ISD SHAC exists to advocate and promote the comprehensive well-being of health, wellness, and safety for the students, families and the entire HPISD learning community. The mission of the Highland Park ISD SHAC is to facilitate opportunities to raise the awareness and increase participation of positive health practices and activities. 

2016-2017 SHAC Committee

Paul Campbell - Parent (MIS)

Blanca Applewhite - Alumni Parent/Co-Chair (HPHS)

Paige Flink - Alumni Parent/Community Member

Kristie Serio - Parent (HPMS/HPHS)

Miki Johnston - Parent/Community Member (HPHS)

Sarah Camiolo - Parent (UP/MIS)

Brandy Grayson - Parent (HPMS)

Juliet Domino - Parent (Hyer)

Audra Grellner - Parent (Bradfield)

Julie Pham-Davis - Parent (Armstrong)

Tracy Speight - Parent (Armstrong)

Ellen Flowers - Alumni Parent/Community Member)

Angela Glass - HPISD Nurse

Andrea Crane - PE Coordinator

Susan Wilson - HPISD Food Service Coordinator

Candice Connor - HPISD Counselor (Advisory)

Cindy Gillean - HPISD Science Coordinator

Laurie Gagne - Director of Special Programs

Jennifer Farley - Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

Lydia Walden - Director of Academics and Student Support

Click here to view the minutes from the January 24th, 2017 SHAC meeting

Click here to view the minutes from the March 23rd, 2017 SHAC meeting