ALL HPISD individuals wishing to resign from their position, must submit a Resignation Form.  You may select the link to complete the form and submit it to Human Resources/Personnel via email to  

Employee Checkout Form

All employees must submit the Employee Checkout Form to their campus principal/supervisor no later than the last day of employment with the district. 

Request for Personnel Records

It is the resigning employees responsibility to request the original documents from the personnel file in a timely manner.  Every request must be submitted to Laura Weaver at on the Request for Release of Personnel Records Form.

Accessing your Payroll Information after Resignation

Employee Access to review Check History, Direct Deposit, W2 information is available to resigned employees.  You will need to follow the Inactive Employee Access steps to set up your account access.



Retirement is a type of reason for a resignation.  

TRS has established a video series with information regarding retirement. Click HERE to view the notification flyer.  

To access the video series click HERE.

Prior to Deciding to Retire
  • Go online to
  • Select MY TRS LOGIN
  • If you do not have an account registered, select Register Now.  If you already have an account, Log In.
  • Review your account information, years of service, and highest salaries.  *NOTE: Salary information is based on September - August paychecks, even if your receive your first paycheck for a school year prior to September.*
  • Review your information in the Retirement Calculator.  *NOTE: Salary information is submitted directly to TRS from the District Payroll department.  TRS does not update salaries until after the August paycheck information for the year has been received by TRS.  Usually not available until mid to late September.
  • Review the TRS Benefits Handbook.
  • Review the Frequently Asked Questions on the TRS Website.
Deciding to Retire
  • Request your retirement estimate or packet from TRS through your online account, or by calling 1-800-223-8778.
  • Contact TRS to visit with a benefits counselor if you have any questions regarding the benefits.
  • TRS Retirement Packet will take approximately 6 weeks to receive once requested.  The documents are personalized specifically based on the person requesting the packet.

Finalization of Retirement

  • Complete and submit your retirement packet to TRS.
  • Turn in your TRS-7 form into HR/Personnel office.  *Note:  The TRS-7 form is the document provided in your packet that must be completed by the Human Resources/Payroll department after you have received your final paycheck.*  It cannot be completed in July, if you receive an August paycheck.

After Retirement

  • Many TRS retirees wish to continue to contribute to education programs once retired.
  • Be CAUTIOUS and verify with TRS prior to accepting any part-time or substitute work.  
  • Rules are constantly changing, so refer frequently to the TRS website for changes throughout the school year.
  • Additional Information for TRS Retirees is available by selecting the Welcome Retirees! link.
  • Protect your retirement by keeping up to date with rules and changes.

Information Regarding Changes for Retirees Substituting or Working after Retirement