HPISD Health Services

Campus  Name Phone Email
Armstrong Kim Oliver, BSN, RN 

214-780-3120 OliverK@hpisd.org 
Armstrong Melissa Turner, BSN, RN 

214-780-3120 TurnerMe@hpisd.org 
Bradfield Kim Hartis, RN 

214-780-3220 HartisK@hpisd.org     
Hyer Kelley Rather, BS, RN 

214-780-3320 RatherK@hpisd.org 
UP Amy Huey, BSN, RN 

214-780-3420 HueyA@hpisd.org 
UP Anabel Atkinson, MSN, RN, NP-BC 

214-780-3420 AtkinS@hpisd.org 
MIS/HPMS Katherine Hall, RN 

214-780-3520 HallK@hpisd.org
MIS/HPMS Ashley Clyce, RN 

214-780-3620 ClyceA@hpisd.org 
HPHS Angela Glass, BSN, RN (Lead HPISD Nurse) 

214-780-3720 GlassA@hpisd.org
HPHS Shayla Dunlap, BSN, RN 

214-780-3720 DunlapS@hpisd.org 
  • If you have questions or concerns regarding health services, please contact your campus nurse.

HPISD Health Services:

In the school setting, the Registered Nurse is responsible for identification of health risks and initiation of health promotional modalities that foster optimal physical, psychological, and social development conducive to learning.  The school setting has a unique advantage in the promotion of health education through meeting the health needs of students and school personnel.

The goals of HPISD Health Services are:

  • To advocate and help provide and environment conducive to the promotion and maintenance of health;
  • To detect and provide nursing care for any physical condition or health problem which impedes learning or threatens optimum health (Nursing care being defined as assessment, intervention, counseling, and referral of any physical conditions); 
  • To maintain and utilize current individual and collective health data;
  • To act as a liaison among the school, home, community agencies, physicians, and other health personnel;
  • To achieve acceptable levels of compliance with federal, state, and local health regulations;
  • To evaluate and revise the program’s effectiveness as needed.

The Highland Park School Health Clinics are designed to treat minor injuries and to act as a temporary “waiting room” for students who have become ill during the school day.  Should a student become ill, only the persons designated as an Emergency contact in SNAP Health Portal or Skyward will be allowed to pick up the student.  All telephone numbers must be updated immediately if changes occur during the school year.

The school health program is no substitute for the health care which parents should provide for their children.  Rather than relieving parents’ responsibilities, this program is established to encourage individuals to utilize the services of a private physician, dentist, optometrist, and/or community health agencies.