Student Integrity and Compliance

  Jerry Sutterfield
Coordinator for Student Integrity and Compliance

The Coordinator of Student Integrity and Compliance is responsible for designing and implementing a program that promotes responsibility and accountability for all students in grades 7-12, with additional emphasis on those who participate in extracurricular and cocurricular activities. Components of the new program will address the following: 

  • Parent outreach programs that support the role of the family in addressing the short and long-term harmful effects of exposure to alcohol and drugs on the development of adolescents and young adults, the impact on education, and legal consequences for minors and adults. 
  • Student outreach programs that address the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs and disciplinary and legal consequences for students. 
  • Strengthening of the HPISD Extracurricular Code of Conduct as an effective tool to promote positive behavior and leadership in all students who participate in cocurricular and extracurricular activities. 
  • Staff development for teachers who serve as sponsors and coaches of students in such programs that develop their capacity to educate, support, and motivate students. 
  • Building of partnerships with other organizations, such as universities, community organizations, and non-profits to support this initiative in ways that maximize their unique strengths and capacities.