Global Partnership Badge

The Badge

The HPISD Global Partnership Badge is awarded to teachers who create the opportunity for students to collaborate with peers throughout their district, locally or globally in order to achieve district and/or curricular goals. This badge is also designed to recognize teachers who strive to continually develop their own global competencies by leveraging global connections for their own learning. When a badge is earned, the receiving teacher will get the badge in print to display on the door of their classroom along with an electronic version for their websites and resumes.


Print Badge 8X11
Electronic Badge 


The Stripe(s)

When applying for the badge, teachers will apply for the applicable stripe. You will receive a sticker badge for your door each year your class is connected. You will also receive the digital image to place on your website and resume. You will then put a link to the stripe that would further explain your partnership(s) goals and activities. Here are the various levels of partnership stripes:

  • Level 1: A one-time conversation with a class, author, quest speaker, or organization who does not live in the DFW area; or, a partnership with an local organization to make real-world connections for students through their work. Or, a teacher who leveraged global connections to develop their own global literacy. 
  • Level 2: A curriculum-driven collaborative project with a partner class (or multiple partners) or organization, which last for the duration of a particular unit. Partners can be within HPISD, local schools or organizations, and/or international schools or organizations.
  • Level 3: A year-long curriculum-driven collaborative project with a partner class or organization outside of the DFW area, involving various activities. Partners can be within HPISD, local schools or organizations, and/or international schools or organizations.
  • Level 4: A year-long curriculum-driven collaborative project with multiple classes outside of district and DFW, involving various activities.

This means a teacher may earn one level one year and a different the following; or, a teacher may earn multiple levels during a year. This also means the teacher does not lose a strip once earned but can continue to earn stripes. For the printed badge, the stripe will be a sticker that is placed on the corrugated board badge. For the electronic badge, the teacher can place the badge on her homepage and link the details of each partnership to a different page which also allows the teacher to explain the purpose for the connection, activities, and outcomes.

The Application

The teacher will complete the badge application online at the global connections webpage on the district website. They will be required to give the following details:

  • Have you been awarded a global partnership badge by HPISD before?
  • What level of badge are you applying?
  • Name of the partner school, district, class grade, partner teacher, country and state, city or county (depending on country).
  • Curricular and/or district goals
  • Activities
  • Student outcomes
  • Duration of exchange(s)