Student Ambassador Program with Taiwan

Highland Park High School has partnered with the Taiwanese Chamber of DFW, since 2008, to offer a mutual exchange program. The partnership includes the following seven school from Taoyuan County, Taiwan:

  • Ping-Jen Senior High School
  • Shou-Shan Senior High School
  • Dayuan International Senior High School
  • Dasi Senior High School
  • Yung-Feng Senior High School
  • Nan-Kan Senior High School
  • Guan-Yin Senior High School

Each Fall, 16 visitors from Taiwan spend 12-14 days in HPISD; this visit is designed to include homecoming week. In turn, we send up to 16 visitors (14 students and 2 teachers) to Taiwan over Spring break each year. Visitors stay with host families, attend school daily and visit local attractions. Students are eligible to participate during their 10th-12th grade year. Participants are not required to speak Mandarin, but must be willing to study the language and culture some prior to the trip. 

Currently accepting applications for the 2016 and 2017 groups. 

Click HERE to see details and responsibilities for traveling ambassadors and host families.