Highland Park High School has partnered with the St. Andrews Scot School, since 2014, to offer a mutual exchange program. SASS representatives visit HPHS each February and HPHS ambassadors visit over the first two weeks of June annually. Students are eligible to apply while enrolled in Spanish III or IV (standard or AP). Student applications of those who commit to participating in the next language level will be given priority. Visitors stay with host families, attend school daily and visit local attractions. 

  • Students are asked to speak Spanish as their primarily language when in Argentina. 
  • Students are responsible for paying for the following:
    • round trip ticket (approx. $1500-$1700), 
    • day trip to La Estancia ($170 USD), and 
    • spending money ($150-$250 suggested).
  • Students should plan to be engaged with the visiting group in February prior to traveling that June. 
  • Students will meet weekly one month prior to travel date.

*** SASS visitors will be in HPISD January 28-February 11, 2017

Click HERE to see more details. 

Currently accepting applications for the June 2017 ambassadors. 

  • Apply HERE for the 2016-2017 program, deadline 10/28/16. Interviews will be the following week.