Global Connections Points of Pride

UP Elementary International Days

Each year, UP Elementary students, faculty and families dedicate one week to celebrate the many cultures that make up our world. UP's 2016 International Days include quest speakers, classroom activities, and a Festival Night. 


Mystery Skypes

Teachers around HPISD are leveraging a process called Mystery Chats to 1) get kids connected to peers around the world, 2) provide students with an opportunity to utilize map and deductive reasoning skills, and 3) create an intrigue for learning about others, with others and from others. Here's how the game works, students are introduced via a video-conference, then given time to rotate asking yes-no questions to one another until the exact location of the school is known. Once the location is identified, students have time to learn a little more about their new friends. 

In the picture, Mobh's 4th graders were video-conferencing with a class in England; after asking a series of yes-no questions they both find one another locations. Global Connection's Liaison, Edna Phythian, says, "This game is fun, educational, and completely student-led." The mystery chat game is appropriate for students of all ages and can be utilized for various topics (e.g. mystery number, animal, author).


HPHS Global Issues Conference Feb. 2016

Over 200 students came together on Feb. 2nd to be “a small part of a big whole, doing our part to make this world a little better.” HPHS Problem & Solutions: Global Issues students hosted their second conference this school year to provide space for students from 5 schools to share research and ideas on various global issues and ways in which they can be a part of the solutions. Participants included students from Beijing National Day School (10), Coppell High School (75), Highland Park High School (100), St. Andrew’s Scot School (4) and Trinity High School (13). HPHS participants included French V AP, French IV AP, P&S, Spanish IV AP, Spanish V, and Spanish V AP, students. Each participant shared their work in one of five presentation styles utilizing the language they are currently studying: English, Spanish, or French. Click HERE to watch a short video summarizing the day. A special thanks to all you designed the work and made the day happen.

“In this age of instant communication and biotechnology, on this ever smaller planet, what kinds of problems we have created for ourselves? How do we tackle them in a world where the accustomed methods used by nation-states may be reaching their natural limits?” — J.F. Rischard