Mission & Objectives


The Highland Park Independent School District’s Global Connections Program promotes the development of globally competent students prepared to live and lead in a diverse and interconnected world.  

"Our citizen for the future builds the knowledge, skills, attributes and dispositions to be an accomplished person and lifelong learner" (HPISD Profile).

The Highland Park ISD learner for the future is a globally competent person who:

  • Is empathetic, compassionate and open-minded
  • Has a diverse and knowledgeable world view
  • Exhibits cross-cultural sensitivity and adaptability
  • Communicates effectively in at least one language other than English
  • Interprets and responds to global  issues with an understanding of how history, geography, and economics shape our world

View the full Profile of the Learner for the Future here.

Program Objectives

The program strives to increase capacity for global learning opportunities throughout K-12 grade by:

  • Providing on-going professional development opportunities and sustainable resources for teachers;
  • Encouraging and supporting teacher exploration and integration of global themes within curriculum;
  • Developing local and global partnerships that expand opportunities for teachers and students. 

Presentations: HPISD Global Connections: What?, Why?, and How?