ACE Fees

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For more information, contact the Athletics Office at 214-780-3031.

The Athletic Commitment to Excellence fee is collected to offset the considerable expense of running an athletic program that serves more than 2600 student athletes in grades 7-12.   

ACE fees are not subject to recapture by the state, so every dollar collected stays here in HPISD.

How much is the ACE fee?

$250 per student, per year.  While many students participate in more than one sport, only one ACE fee is required each year.  

Where does the ACE fee go?

The ACE fees are collected and deposited into the general fund out of which the Athletic Department expenses are paid.

What about students whose families cannot afford to pay the fee?

Students whose families cannot afford to pay the ACE fee may set up a payment plan, make a partial payment or apply for a hardship waiver. HPISD and its booster clubs are committed to giving every student the opportunity to participate in athletics.

ACE Fee Hardship Waiver

ACE Fee Payment Instructions

The tables below reflect figures from 2007-08 and 2008-09.

Student Athletes             2008-09 Student Athletes

$1,794,995 –
Athletic expenditures

$1,859.813 –
Athletic expenditures
$390,587* –
ACE fees collected

$388,708* –
ACE fees collected


*Credit card back charges and partial payments cause these figures not to be exactly divisible by $250

Major Expense Categories
2007-08        2008-09
$963,162 – Payroll
$989,887 – Payroll
$483,327 – Travel, dues & awards
$565,576 – Travel, dues & awards
$210,867 – Supplies, materials & equipment
$200,401 – Supplies, materials & equipment
$137,639 – Contracted services (officials,
security, rental equipment & printing costs)

$103,949 – Contracted services (officials,
security, rental equipment & printing costs)


By covering 21-22 percent of the athletic expenses, the ACE fees allow HPISD to continue running a top-notch athletic program. We appreciate HPISD parents, who not only support the district financially, but also devote countless hours to volunteering and enriching their children’s educational experience, both on and off the field.