What is HPISD's Tax Rate?

The current tax rate is $1.1181 per $100 taxable valuation.

How much will the owner of a median-priced house in HPISD pay?

The median house in HPISD is valued at $1,471,067 (based on Dallas County Appraisal

District figures from August 2014).

The taxes on a home with the median value are $13,258.07.

How does that compare to the taxes on a median-priced house last year?

Last year, the median home value was slightly lower, at $1,355,806 (based on Dallas County Appraisal District figures from August 2013).

The taxes on a home with the median value were $12,401.19 in 2013.

Overall, the owner of a median-priced home in HPISD will pay $856.88 more in taxes in 2014 than he or she paid in 2013.

What are the two parts of HPISD’s tax rate?

Every tax bill is divided into two parts:

        1) The maintenance & operations (M&O) tax, which pays for salaries and other daily

operational expenses and is subject to recapture, and

        2) The interest & sinking (I&S) tax, the taxpayer-approved part of the tax rate that

pays for bonded indebtedness for capital improvements and is not subject to recapture. The chart below gives a detailed history over recent years:

School year

    Total tax rate

    M&O     I&S





















2011-12   $1.1342   $1.0267   $0.1075

2012-13   $1.1342   $1.0267  



 2013-14    $1.1267    $1.0267    $0.1000
 2014-15    $1.1181    $1.0267    $0.0914

*In 2006-07 and 2007-08, the HPISD M&O tax rate was compressed by House Bill 1, which was passed by the Texas Legislature. All other tax reductions were enacted by the HPISD school board.

What about the Local Option Homestead Exemption?

HPISD gives all homeowners a 20 percent Local Option Homestead Exemption. HPISD’s homestead exemption is the highest in the State of Texas.

What about the $15,000 Standard Homestead Exemption?

Like all Texas school districts, HPISD gives all homeowners a $15,000 Standard Homestead Exemption.

How do I apply for the homestead exemptions?

Visit the Dallas Central Appraisal District website at:


Search for your property by your name, address, or account number. When your

account page opens, click on “Print Homestead Exemption Form.” Print the customized

form. The completed form must include a driver’s license number or a social security

number and date of birth. The form must be notarized and mailed to the address at the

top of the form.

More details from DCAD: To qualify, the property must be designed or adapted for

human residence and the homeowner must own the property on January 1 of the year

application is made. The person claiming the exemption must reside at the property on

January 1 and cannot claim a homestead exemption on any other property. If more than

one individual (not a married couple) owns the property, each separate individual must

make application if they reside at the property. Exemptions are allocated according to

percent of ownership interest the applicant has in the property.

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