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The Board of Trustees approved the existing District Leadership Council, with its varied and extensive membership, to create and approve the local district of innovation plan.

Click here to learn more about the composition and selection of the committee.

2016-17 District Leadership Council Member


Cynthia Brogdon

Community Member

Lana Cairns

HPMS Teacher

Jaime Callahan

HPMS Teacher

Dansby Erwin

Hyer Parent

Kristi Gardere

Hyer Teacher

Sally Gatlin

MIS Teacher

Natalie George

UP Teacher

Jeremy Gilbert

Hyer Principal

   Kathryn Hoover

MIS Parent

   Eric Inboden

Bradfield Teacher

Cynthia Jones

HPHS Teacher

Shirley Kochman

Community Member

Richard Luo

HPHS Sophomore

Meredith Mabus

Armstrong Parent

Jack McRoberts

HPHS Senior

Dr. Kelly Moeller

HPHS Assistant Principal

Debbie Morrison

MIS Special Ed Coordinator

Susan Nichol

HPMS Parent

Chris Palmer-Steger

Bradfield Parent

Melissa Rieman

HPMS Parent

Will Roberts

HPHS Junior

Rachel Rogers

HPHS Junior

   Benjamin Smith  

HPHS Freshman

   Heather Smith

HPHS Teacher

   Holly Sutton

UP Parent

   Kim Thornton

HPMS Teacher

Jayci Underwood

Armstrong Teacher

   Lydia Walden

Director of Academic & Support Services

   Stacy Wang

HPHS Freshman

   Brenda West

Executive Director of Personnel

   Whitney Wilbur

HPHS Teacher

   Lisa Wilson

Assistant Superintendent for Education Services

   Mindy Woods


   Dr. Melynda Wright

   HPHS Teacher

   Alexandra Yeager

HPHS Sophomore